Israel’s Heroines
לוגו פורום דבורה

In Honor of
Israel’s Heroines

In Recognition of the Women who Served and Fought and in Commemoration of the Women who Fell

Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit photographer

״The sand will remember the waves but the foam is not remembered
other than by those who were passing with a late night breeze
from their memory it will never be forgotten…״

Natan Yonatan

In Tribute to Their Memory

This innovative project, initiated by Forum Dvorah, is dedicated to commemorating the women soldiers who have fallen in Israel’s wars. Their unique contribution to the defense of the State of Israel, and their unforgettable strength, heroism and ingenuity have been even more prominent during the most recent war that broke out on October 7, 2023.

In Tribute to Them and Their Memory

About the Initiative

We are living in an era in which the process of the full integration of women into the combat echelon and into other positions in the defense establishment has made progress but has not yet been completed. Therefore, through this site, we wish to tell the personal story of each and every one of the fallen women soldiers and to salute their heroism, their ingenuity and the example they have set for outstanding leadership. It is our hope that this site will serve as a source of information, education and inspiration, primarily for the younger generations but also for the local and international public at large.

About the Initiative

Forum Dvorah

This is only the first chapter of an ambitious and long-term initiative which will relate in detail the stories of women in combat, and especially of the women soldiers who have fallen since the establishment of the State of Israel. Forum Dvorah, which is dedicated to the promotion of full integration of women in the foreign policy and defense establishment, undertakes to continue to commemorate these women and to guarantee that their heroism and legacy will remain an integral part of the ethos of the State of Israel

Forum Dvorah

Hamas’ surprise attack on October 7, 2023, which precipitated the Swords of Iron War, is the most horrendous and horrific event afflicting Israeli society and the most traumatizing experience of the Jewish people since the Holocaust, and that is how it will be engraved in the Israeli ethos. It also marked a turning point in the Israeli public’s perception and recognition of the value and importance of the integration of women into combat positions.

Swords of Iron

אייקון חרבות ברזל

Women in Swords of Iron

In the Swords of Iron War women soldiers filled combat and combat-support positions, on various fronts, to an unprecedented degree. For the first time their heroism and special contribution to the military campaign were recognized and acknowledged by the entire Israel public, as never before.


Such is the story of the women spotters, the ground intelligence collection controllers, who were killed during the Hamas surprise attack in the battle of the Nachal Oz outpost and of their comrades who were taken hostage. Such is the story of the women soldiers who continued to report and perform their duties while under attack. Such is the story of the women tank crew members of the Caracal Battalion who saved dozens of soldiers at the Sufa outpost, overpowered the terrorists at Moshav Yated, and waged a heroic battle defending Kibbutz Holit, preventing terrorists from infiltrating into the Kibbutz and eliminating them. Such is also the story of the women warriors and policewomen. All of these women fought in various positions on land, in the air and at sea, in the intelligence corps and in the rear areas, as regular military personnel and as reservists. In so doing they changed the face of the war. Fifty-two of them fell in action. Their stories are presented on this site.

Women’s Contribution to Israel’s Security

The enhanced public awareness of women’s contribution to national security, that developed during Swords of Iron, marks a significant shift by any measure. However, it is too soon to declare the process complete. Only a decisive move by decision-makers to open up all defense professions to women will cement their vital status as equals in the defense establishment.


The contribution of women to Israel’s security during Swords of Iron has underscored for us at Forum Dvorah’s need to pay tribute to all they have done. We wish to tell their story from a unique and personal perspective. Subsequently, we will also relate the stories of those who preceded them, dating back to the establishment of the State of Israel and even the pre-state underground movements. Through this dedicated site, we shall present a lasting, current and easily accessible platform to honor all of them.


Message from
Forum Dvorah

War is a challenging event for everyone. In Israel, where mandatory enlistment begins at the age of eighteen, the fallen are our children, and the difficulty only intensifies. In every war, there are fallen soldiers, both male and female. Their personal stories are important for understanding bravery, capabilities, decision-making and commemoration. The current Swords of Iron War, during which we have not yet been able to fully mourn the fallen, amplifies the pain.

The Swords of Iron War has marked a quantum leap in women’s presence at the tactical level of combat. Women have served as unit commanders, have led battalions and companies, and were notably active across the entire front. The significant leap forward in the integration of women into combat operations opens the door to the integration of women into all decision-making processes in Israel.

We wish to see exemplary female role models in combat, in combat-support and at the decision-making level. This site is dedicated to the women warriors, to the fallen women soldiers and to women’s power and heroism.

Col. (Res.) Miri Eisin, A Forum Dvorah Founder

The war that commenced on the morning of the Simchat Torah holiday, on October 7, 2023, and which attracted extensive media coverage, revealed to the public the bravery, the fortitude and courage of women. Sadly, the Swords of Iron War has levied a heavy toll, and many – so many – women paid the ultimate price.

This heroism did not emerge in the latest conflict alone. The stories of fallen women soldiers throughout Israel’s wars are interwoven with the nation’s story and the establishment of the state, which they have defended and loved so dearly.

According to the “Yizkor” site, the official memorial site of the Ministry of Defense, since the establishment of the State of Israel, 1,130 women from the defense forces have fallen in action or during their service. Each and every one of them is an entire world. A world of childhood and adulthood, of action and fulfillment, of aspirations and dreams that were cut short in an instant. Each and every one of them is an exemplar, a signpost and a legacy of values and essence that must be taught and learnt, recognized and commemorated.

We therefore deem it our duty to commemorate the fallen women IDF soldiers and members of the security forces, to tell their story and to highlight their heroism, ingenuity and bravery. Alongside the loss and the bereavement, it is important to also share the stories of the women who fought in Israel’s wars, to recognize and acknowledge their heroism, their determination, their leadership and the values which drove them. These are all sources of inspiration to all of us and a solid foundation for our growth and future.

We hope that the stories of these fallen women, alongside the stories of women warriors, will serve as a powerful educational pillar which will enhance the ethos of women’s contribution to the building of our nation.

Col. (Res.) Maya Heller, Chairperson of the Board of Forum Dvorah
Ofra Ash, Executive Director of Forum Dvorah


Forum Dvorah expresses its deep gratitude to the donors who generously made this project possible.



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